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Advantages and Disadvantages of Essay Writing Websites

Most colleges and universities worldwide demand one or more academic papers for students to write on topics of their curriculum. It is generally accepted that top grades in an academic paper will ensure their overall grade and performance. The papers they will need to write for the college authorities include theses, research papers, term papers, and dissertations. All papers are specialized subjects that the student has taken during the course and scoring an A grade in the paper not only helps the student for higher academic studies but also for future jobs. Hence, it becomes imperative for students to score an A grade on their essay papers. Although there are numerous free guides, journals, videos, and instructional manuals to help students, most of them however have little patience to labor on a subject topic and lack the confidence to write a good paper. Further, new students may not have the required skill to write an essay and would need proper guidance. It is also seen that due to sudden turn of events including health issues or accidents or other family and financial issues several students may not have attended regular classes regularly. In such a case, there is nothing wrong with the students approaching the best essay writing service to complete their papers.   Benefits Outweigh the Cons of an Essay Writing Service It is generally seen that the service of an essay site far exceeds the downs of such a system. Several students who had migrated to English-speaking countries benefit from it as they have yet to be proficient in that language. Again, most students are stuck one way or the other in multitasking, and submitting papers on more than one subject may prove to be pretty daunting. Students who are generally weak in one or more subjects can score better with the papers ordered from a professional writing site. Again, students, including the native-speaking ones, are likely to find certain subjects difficult to write a paper on and would find it better to get it from one of the online sites. Generally, most students are pretty weak in mathematics and other sciences and would like an expert to handle their writing. And not least are students who wouldn’t like to deviate from their ethical stand or what they state to be the right way a paper should be written. These students can therefore order sample papers written by expert authors and get ideas to prepare their original papers. Writing an academic paper can also become problematic if you have no experience in writing one. All papers, including essays, term papers, coursework, dissertation, etc have to be written in an academic style with a well-defined structure. The paper must have clarity, be organized, and should contain an introduction, several paragraphs that form the body, and a conclusion. Each paragraph too needs to follow a pattern and the essay should start with a topic sentence. The main idea of writing in this style is to make your paper sound more professional and formal. Besides, your choice of words, grammar, structures of sentences, grammar, citations, and references would enable your paper to create a positive impression on your university administration. In place of this, it is sometimes necessary for even good students to resort to buying their papers from authentic best essay service sites to fulfill their dream of getting a good grade.   High-Quality Papers from Experienced Writers One of the significant benefits that a student gets from an online site is that the papers would be high-quality and worth their money. These papers are usually written by highly experienced authors with a basic level of bachelor’s degree and higher qualifications. Another astonishing fact is that teachers and professors currently working in schools and universities register their names on such sites to write papers to make extra money and get more work experience. Since there is complete security on these sites the students do not get to know the personal details of the writers and vice versa. All works are scanned and messages are screened by the site and the customer care service helps the students and authors to interact with one another. Only in very rare cases do they allow customer and author interaction over mobile although it may prove to be risky for their business. The authors do their best to get you a unique academic paper and most of the time they do it constantly. It is because most of the authors have a master’s or doctoral degree and know the subject thoroughly so that the students get the best paper most of the time. They can also write an informative, dedicated, and current paper on the subject of their specialization with ease. Apart from college professors and teachers, even bright students write the papers by registering their names on the site to earn money part-time. The only thing that a student needs to look for is to select from a dozen websites for writing essays and make payments according to the terms and conditions of the website. It is however important for students to select from among the top best sites so that they have less worry about the quality of the paper. Another advantage of ordering from an online writing site is that your paper will be written by different authors specializing in a particular subject. Since a writer is working on a student’s paper as a specialist the quality of the paper is assured. In sharp contrast, the students have to prepare several papers and may find multitasking unmanageable especially if they are a newbie. Therefore for finding out the best cheap essay writing site you need to sort out the best by going through the independent reviews and comments of students who had placed their orders earlier. It is by singling out the best that you can select the most suitable website.   Some Drawbacks with Writing Websites Although for the most part, an online site delivers on its promises, yet if you were to choose a website simply because they are cheap you may end up with low-quality paper or one that is plagiarized. In such cases things may backfire on you and your reputation with university authorities will go down. You may therefore ask for a plagiarism-free report along with a money-back guarantee. In such case, only reputed sites can provide both as this would mean extra cost. In the end, it will be better for students to not look out for cheap sites, but lay their best on choosing a cheaper site that writes essays from a dozen or so top sites. Another important point that students need to be aware of is their time limitations. It is all right if you argue about the revision and quality of your work with the customer care of the website in the initial days as you have the time at your disposal. However, it is another matter altogether if you are trying to get a paper with only a few days left for submission. Even if you get the full refund of your money you will remain stressed out as during peak season no site would oblige you with fast work unless you spend four or five times the usual amount. The same is to be said about the writers who are hired by the sites and will demand more for last-moment urgent essays. Hence, unless you plan everything early as to whether you will write an essay on your own or buy cheap essay on a writer’s website, it will not be worth taking the risk since you may not get the grade you deserve. Again, most firms provide a cash-back guarantee to win clients. You must be aware that the guarantee is simply about paying back your money only and they may not be ready to pay back the remaining balance or deposit you paid. For this, you need to go through the site’s special features and specific offers. The above benefits and cons will let you decide the best method you wish to submit your paper.   Other Points to Look for During your search for special features, you will see that some sites offer paper downloads on mobile. You may also find sites that are not greedy for orders, and therefore do not try to overburden their writers. The customer care is excellent on these sites and very professional. You will also find transparency about the order position and the number of writers involved in each subject. You will also find free essays sample on various topics and they are accessible with a click of your mouse or mobile. A good site will have a discount and special incentives structure for both students and authors. They also follow a strict policy of allowing order flow and will communicate their inability to accept the same due to shortage of time and the size of the order. The clients will always receive prompt alerts, queries from writers, and messages so that they are regularly updated about their work.

Bad Habits you should avoid in your Academic Writing

Academic Writing

Writing an academic paper is different from other forms of writing. It requires patience, knowledge, and understanding of proper sentence construction. In addition, it should be informative, fine-tuned, and properly structured. As a student, most of you must be aware of all the mentioned elements, yet you make some dramatic mistakes that can take down the entire value of your paper.

If you are a student or researcher who is going to write an academic essay or research paper, you need to be aware of some bad habits and try to avoid them. So let us look into some bad habits you must avoid in academic writing.

Unnecessary usage of lengthy and complex sentences

When you wring an academic essay or research paper, clarity in sentence structure is vital. The sentence should be crisp and concise. But many students tend to use long sentences to make it look professional, making it very dull and challenging for the readers to understand. In addition, they use excessive conjunction and jargon to complete the sentence appealing.

research paper

Writers need to understand that complex and challenging words do not make your academic writing look professional and high-quality. Instead, excellent writing will use simple sentences and phrases to communicate with the audience. So, try to use simple sentences as much as possible. Also, try using subheadings to make it easy for the audience to understand.

Excessive usage of passive voice

One of the most common things most writers do is overuse passive voice. Passive voice makes a sentence complex and challenging to understand. In academic writing, the most important element is clarity. However, using excessive passive voice makes the sentence complicated, and it might lose its purpose.

Centering your research based on Wikipedia

The fundamental component of good academic research is solid research. But students and researchers sometimes gather information from Wikipedia to write academic papers. When you search for a specific topic in Google, the first page that will come up for most search queries will be the Wikipedia page. Even though this is the first site that pops up, we cannot consider Wikipedia an authentic resource. Anyone can make an edit on these pages, making them less of a scholarly resource. Instead, you can use the sites like Google scholar, where we can see research papers and articles published by scholars in the field.


You need to avoid plagiarism at any cost, as it is against academic guidelines. Plagiarism refers to stealing someone’s work, idea, thought, or expression and writing it as your own. If your academic paper is found to be plagiarized, your paper will indeed get rejected, and it can affect your academic career in a bad way. In some cases, your paper will be subjected to fines and even imprisonment. So, ensure you cite every source from which you got the information or idea. Cite using the academic guidelines followed by your university. Understand that, as a writer, originality is essential.

While doing an academic paper, make sure to avoid these mistakes or just use best essay writing sites.

Top Tips for Structuring your Essays

Structuring your Essays

Writing an essay for college or high school is no easy task. You might have difficulty getting started or putting words to your thoughts and ideas. Whatever the case, essay writing is a skill to be practiced to be good at. One of the skills to develop to write better essays is structuring them to convey more clarity. Knowing the basic structure of any essay will enable you to write complex essays that touch on various topics. The basic structure of any essay is divided into three major parts – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. This basic structure helps an author state their personal opinions, engage their readers, and tie contrasting arguments and claims together.

Basic Structure of an Essay:

An introduction is where you start your essays; however, you don’t need to start your writing process here. The introduction is where an author briefly summarises the points and ideas discussed in the essay. The introduction is also where you state your thesis. This is an important step in establishing your opinions to the reader. A thesis is a concise statement that summarises your essay. The body of an essay is where you expand on your thesis by providing evidence, facts, and figures. The Essay body should be divided into brief paragraphs, each talking about different ideas. Make sure each paragraph only discusses one argument, and it should move from the simplest claim to the complex in order. Remember to provide the background information at the beginning of any paragraph. This will make sure that you are presenting your ideas with clarity. Another important thing to take care of is to connect the different paragraphs with the help of transition sentences. Conclusions are where you tie everything discussed so far in the essay together. It helps the reader to summarize and understand the concepts discussed in an efficient manner.

Different kinds of Essays:


If you are asked to write an essay about a historical event, it is significant to state it in chronological order. When you address events and incidents chronologically, it helps the reader understand the material better. On the other hand, if you are asked to compare and contrast, you can discuss the similarities between two subjects in one paragraph and follow it with the differences between them. Another common essay pattern is where you discuss a problem, explore different ways to solve it and suggest the best possible solution based on the pros and cons. In such essays, you can talk about the problem in the introduction, explore different ways to solve it in the essay body, and state your opinions in conclusion. With the basic structure of an essay in place, you can start by forming a flat outline. This outline will serve as the guidepost while you write the essay.


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